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Most of us are wondering what the heck is going wrong with the world. We turn on our televisions to hear about rape, theft, murderous rampages, and more. People are going crazy and slapping their managers in the face with bacon at fast-food restaurants. Patrons are abandoning their cars in the drive thru to slip inside the back door and physically accost the food service employees. Pizza delivery drivers are being robbed, and food delivery drivers are carrying guns to defend themselves against hangry customers. Why are we losing our moral fiber? The world seems to be going more and more crazy as time goes on. Are there too many people on the planet? Are our genetics going awry with each generation, causing more and more people to be born with DRD4 long gene polymorphism: coming out of the womb narcissistic and mentally ill? Are we becoming more and more desensitized because we see violence everywhere? Are we lacking in attachment because of social media and our electronic gadgets? What the heck is going on? Note: For the purposes of this book, we will affectionately use the term ´´crazy´´ to refer to anyone who loses their own self-control for any purpose. The term is not used in a derogatory manner to name-call, nor is it directed at anyone in particular. This book is not intended to stereotype or make fun of anyone suffering from any disease or disorder, but to open our eyes as to our propensity toward moral unevenness as a condition of the human race. Disclaimer: Do not listen to this title if you are easily offended. We will not apologize for our stance on the political, religious, or societal issues at hand, nor will we apologize for our propensity to be ´´crazy´´ or morally uneven at times. Download now to hear more. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ken Harrington. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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